Who is robert schwartzman dating

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Who is robert schwartzman dating

The directorial debut of Robert Schwartzman, DREAMLAND is a witty update of an 1980s sex comedy, with a wide-eyed young man finding himself amidst a sea of sex, debauchery, and a perfect synth score composed by Schwartzman himself — also the frontman of the band Rooney, Schwartzman previously scored past TFF title PALO ALTO.Johnny Simmons (JENNIFER’S BODY, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER) sparkles as Monty, in a star-making role that runs the gamut of heartbreaking to hilarious; Amy Landecker (“Transparent,” A SERIOUS MAN) co-stars as the sexy Olivia.He is the youngest son of two-time Oscar nominee Talia Shire and entertainment lawyer and producer Jack Schwartzman, who died of pancreatic cancer when Robert was 11.

In his senior year of high school, Michael begins to date Mia Thermopolis.Schwartzman, who wrote the script with author-playwright Benjamin Font, says the character sprang from his fascination with hotel-lounge piano players he would routinely drop in on for fun.He also favors off-kilter love stories."I've always enjoyed movies like 'Risky Business' or 'The Graduate' …Multiple talents The "Dreamland" soundtrack includes Schwartzman's piano ballad "Sad but True," which also appears on the new Rooney album, "Washed Away." At the end, he was working on the movie and the album at the same time, writing songs during the day and cutting the film at night, when editor Chris Donlon was done with his shift on HBO's "Togetherness."The imperative to get this film completed can be traced to something bigger than the telling of this particular story.Filmmaking is in Schwartzman's blood."I've been telling people, 'I gotta start somewhere,' " he says. That poor boy, I sat him down and said, 'Look at the red shoes. "Shire and her husband ("an absolutely extraordinary father") did not set out to raise a new generation of performers.

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She saw it as an opportunity to show Robert and Jason a few things."It was very important for them to know that I'm a professional. It was a very awesome thing to be a mother," Shire says, describing an unexpected "chutzpah." "And then, I read the 'Rocky' script. Shire is still astonished at Stallone's creation."The language, the text, the shape, the tone, the depth of the characters, was all there," she says. She reminded me in tone and essence of, if you remember, Laura in 'The Glass Menagerie, a play which I had done bits and pieces of, always that part. 4 at Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, in Hollywood, with a gala screening of "Dreamland." An opening-night ticket costs $25 ($20 for members), and includes admission to a reception with filmmaker Robert Schwartzman and actors from the film, including Johnny Simmons, Talia Shire and Beverly D'Angelo.

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