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Unheralded Sri Lanka sprung the highest successful run chase in Champions Trophy history by stunning India by seven wickets at The Oval on Thursday. Umesh Yadav runs to the ball and throws the ball to Dhoni. Back of a length on the stumps, Mendis swivels to pull and gets a big top edge. Great effort from Rohit Sharma to even get to the ball, really. Good length delivery outside off, Kohli tries to run it down this time. Short delivery into the body, Rohit goes for the hook. He rocks back to this short ball and pulls it over backward square leg for a maximum. It is the 10th century-run stand between Rohit and Dhawan. His positioning was off to begin with, came running in and then had to backpedal which cost him that catch. Poor line, poor length and that's put away by Rohit Sharma.

Defending champions India made an imposing 321/6, the fourth highest total in Champions Trophy history, but Sri Lanka, without two of their best batsmen, trumped that with 322/3 with eight balls to spare. And as always, the Indian keeper is lightning with his glove work. It's a short ball which is pulled away over backward square leg for a boundary. It goes over the keeper's head and goes across the rope for a boundary. Mendis brings up the 150 for Sri Lanka with a boundary off Pandya! It's on a bit of a fuller length around off, he stands tall and hammers it straight back over the bowler's head for a boundary. Gunathilaka lofts this towards long on and Rohit positioned there, is right at the rope. Gets an outside edge on it and the ball flies straight to the keeper. Rohit goes for the pull but middles it and finds the fielder at fine leg who makes no mistake. Gets a top edge on it and the ball flies over the short fine leg region for a maximum. Fifty comes up for Dhawan off 69 balls with a boundary off Malinga. A rare fuller length delivery from him and Dhawan pounces on it. Good length delivery outside off, Rohit Sharma smashes it through the extra cover region on the up. Rohit Sharma pulled it aerially to deep square leg and Asela dropped it over the rope for a biggie. 16.24 IST: India have motored along well here at a good rate, without the loss of a single wicket. The Indian openers are going strong at the moment and they would look to carry on the momentum from here. He gets low to this as it's dropped outside leg and sweeps it fine down the leg side. Flatter ball coming in, Dhawan kneels down to sweep but is rapped on the front pad. 16.10 IST: Another decent over for India as Nuwan Pradeep gives away 5 runs.

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Sri Lanka didn't do it without drama under leaden skies. Poor fielding from Kedar Jadhav as Perera gets a boundary. Full toss on the stumps, Kusal Perera lofts it over mid-wicket. SL 196/3 in 33 overs 21.20 IST: Kohli comes on to bowl his second over. Whips the bails off in the blink of an eye as Mendis dives to get back in. India put under pressure now, we certainly have a game on our hands! He comes running in and dives full stretch forward to take it. Dickwella accepts it gleefully and the dangerman has to depart without troubling the scoreboard. Sri Lanka will want a couple of more quick wickets to get back in the game. Drives it beautifully through the extra cover region for a boundary. IND 127/0 in 24 overs 16.40 IST: The pressure is firmly on Sri Lanka now. Ganguly on air mentions that Indians play Malinga quite well and that shot just proved that. Sri Lanka haven't used the conditions on offer to their advantage. IND 94/0 in 19 overs 16.21 IST: Tight over from Thisara Perera. Malinga at fine leg runs to his right and puts in a dive to stop it, but all in vain. IND 85/0 in 16.3 overs 16.11 IST: Huge appeal for a LBW off Dhawan! IND 79/0 in 16 overs 16.06 IST: Gunathilaka gives away 6 off his first over. Poor delivery to start things off and Dhawan punishes him.

Danushka Gunathilaka, who joined the team only on Wednesday as an injury replacement, and Kusal Mendis were run out for 76 and 89 respectively in mid-innings, then Kusal Perera, hobbling on a suspected right hamstring injury, retired hurt on 47 with seven overs to go. That's right in the gap, very good hands from Asela Gunaratne. Short and angling into the body, Gunaratne swivels and with excellent balance, pulls it deep into the fine leg stands for a maximum. He knows where the fielders are, walks across to this fuller ball and lofts it over backward square leg for a boundary. Mathews wants to make sure the match finishes off quickly. The Sri Lankan skipper makes room to this fuller ball and lofts it over extra cover for a boundary. Kedar Jadav out in the deep runs to his left and slides to stop it, but the ball turns away from him, like it happened to Yuvraj earlier in the match. Good length delivery outside off, Perera dances down the track and smashes that over the mid off fielder for a boundary. Mathews hits Pandya for a boundary to start the over. The decision goes upstairs and replays show that Mendis' bat is in the air when the bails are off. It goes into his hands but then spills out due to the impact from falling on the floor. 21.01 IST: India are desperate for a breakthrough here as Sri Lanka are moving away with the game. Mendis brings up his fifty with a maximum off Jadeja. He's taking on Jadeja and dealing with it amazingly well. Short delivery into the batsman, Dhawan pulls and pulls it hard. Reminds me of the struggle he had with this length four years back and that seems to have continued. Yuvraj Singh walks in next 16.50 IST: Huge noise from the crowd as Virat Kohli walks out to bat! A fluent knock from the southpaw and that's his second consecutive fifty. They need gto find some way to stop the Indian openers. It is short, flat and down the leg side, Dhawan goes back and hits it past the keeper fine down the leg side.

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