Czarny labedz online dating

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Czarny labedz online dating

LEOPOLD LABEDZ was one of the unsung heroes of the fight against Communist totalitarianism.Yet he was also one of the most charming and funny men you could hope to meet.

He had the satisfaction of seeing his own arguments vindicated and the opinions and writings of his opponents trashed by history in the late 1980s.Labedz was intimidated neither by established reputations nor apparent learning, as his demolition-jobs on those of Isaac Deutscher and EH Carr demonstrate.It was with the same fearlessness that he defended the true meaning of George Orwell's work against the distortions so fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s, earning himself a string of epithets from established academic humbugs.On being demobilised, he spent a year studying at the University of Bologna, three at London University, and then another seven at the London School of Economics.He was by then a formidably qualified and renowned Sovietologist, and he devoted himself to combating the evil of the totalitarianism of which he had had first-hand experience, both in its Nazi and its Soviet guises.

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