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Cam chat ontario

many thanks james plymouth Tue Jul 21 2009 harveyo at absfastenersdot com 1965 Gilera Gilera 1965 The summer of 65 I had a Gilera but been so long ago that I don't remember the model. Georgia, USA Wed Jun 24 2009 fatboy666 at uk old gilera gilera rs 125cc i have a 1975 italia import gilera rs 125 i am confused about what it is i have been told it is a acora but i dont know birstall leikester Fri Jun 19 2009 ebneila at aoldot com Gilera GP800 availability Gilera GP800/850 I've heard much back and forth over if and when the Gilera GP800 Super Scooter will be available in the US. Thanks Jack UK Thu Aug 21 2008 wldrvr at aoldot com Cylinder head needed Gilera 202 I bought a Gilera 202 lower end. Essex Thu Jan 24 2008 deana at bluebottledot com Gilera Motorcycles, Forums and Parts Gilera Older models Two major suppliers of parts for the Gilera range are uk and Useful internet forums: Safe riding, deenewcastle Tyne & Wear England Sat Dec 01 2007 stevekobuta at hotmaildot com where to get parts 1959 gilera rossa extra 175cc where could i get parts for this bike i am in the united states especially replacement rims wich are spokes nh,connecticut,united states Wed Nov 21 2007 dean at demars-intldot com 500 Gilera approx. Gas tank, handle bars, valves, rear brake light and some other minor parts. I have ben looking for a gilera saturno 500 ccm for a long time, but i dont know wher i can seatch. Kopenhagen,denmark Tue Jul 17 2007 radu249 at yahoodot com Gilera RC 125 Hello I have a Gilera RC 125, year 1990.I am in need of a complete cylinder head and rocker cover. Bob Wright needs a casting number, which I do not have. 1940 quattro bulloni I have one cylinder Gilera, I believe military model, approx. Unfortunately I meet problems with the cylinder - is broken from the inside. Sun May 13 2007 d.atkins01 at btinternetdot com tank sticker blue gilera rs 50 touring blue i need tank stickers in blue can you help thanks london Bikelinks lists numerous sources of decals and badges: Fri May 04 2007 Robert.A Brief History of the Marque Founded in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera in Milan, the Gilera company's first machine was a 317cc OHV engine with belt drive to the rear wheel.Most other models were SV until he reverted to OHV in 1926.Giuseppe began his working life at the age of 15 with Bianchi and later worked with Moto-Rève, among others.Gilera acquired rights to the Rondine four cylinder engine in 1935, which marked the beginning of a 40-year stretch of racing victories and the adoption of the configuration by a great many other marques including MV Agusta.The price of this motorcycle is of us00 (dollars) The motorcycle Universal 600 cc., of origin Switzerland, and of the year 1950, it is working perfectly and she came equipped with that sidecar that I restored to be outside of the motorcycle about 30 years. In another mail I will send him more pictures of other motorcycles that I have for the sale. engine number: 88-00968-1 dubbo, Australia Tue Jun 06 2006 mdeso at yahoodot com I just bought a Gilera Project 1965 Gilera 124 Hello everyone, I just bought a Gilera project and I'm wondering what the hell I just got myself into.

Dear Sir, found on intrernet this page...u can help me about find parts catalogue about gilera lte 500 or gilera vle500? Becouse after the company made Gilera saturo and the engine was different.Toronto, Ontario Canada Wed Jul 02 2014 felice.cardarelli at info about gilera saturno 500 gilera saturno 500 I want to know year of manufacturing and other technical info about gilera saturno 500 frame nbr 2612340 Mons French Sun Apr 20 2014 Rvicic at Any idea what this bike is beyond it's a gilera? Or where I can find an electrical scheme or parts for this?IL Sat Apr 19 2014 vintagecycleworx at Gilera VIN Gilera 150 I picked up an older Gilera that I'm considering restoring.I have my own business, selling scooters, motorcycles, parts and accesories. I need muffler, exhaust pipe, carb, carb boot, head and jug. Está en muy buen estado y tengo su libro de partes original. Saludos, Moravia, San José, Costa Rica Spanish Translation: My Sport Gilera 175 1958 Sport Gilera 175 1960 () This is my Sport Gilera 175, 1960().I'm intersted by buying used scooters Gilera Runner and I'd like to know if you are able to deliver it to me. Dujmovic Tue Oct 23 2007 llschrader at gmaildot com Parts and info Gilera 106S #808 895510 Can you tell me the year and if you have parts? The chrome on the wheels is shot, gas tank badges, Ohio Wed Oct 17 2007 f.vanasselt at handboek Gilera 200 cc extra 1963 Ik zoek een handboek een kilometerteller aandrijving in het voorwiel kabel Ede Translation: I zoek a handbook a speedometer traction in the voorwiel cable Sat Sep 15 2007 rcastrom at cr Mi Gilera 175 Sport 1958 Gilera 175 Sport 1960 (?? It is in very good state and I have his original book of parts. Greetings, Moravia, San j Ose, Costa Rica Spanish Sun Sep 02 2007 mt-haulage at uk new project Gilera 50 rs trial hi im 14 years old and ive just bought my self a Gilera 50 rs trial!!!

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The Gilera marque was acquired by Piaggio, who closed the Arcore factory in 1993 ending a remarkable chapter of motorcycling history which endured for 84 years.

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